C4: College completion equals academic success

Published by The Voice (cccvoice.wordpress.com) Completing college is a very challenging but rewarding experience. According to collegeatlas.org, about 30 percent of students in colleges and universities aren’t up for that challenge in the first year. That’s why there is the C4 Initiative: Community College Completion Challenge. “In essence, we are committed to helping all of ourContinue reading “C4: College completion equals academic success”

Better textbooks for your bucks

Published by The Voice (cccvoice.wordpress.com) It is the beginning of a new school year with a completely different schedule, new activities, and a new list of worries – one of those worries being how to efficiently purchase textbooks. Most students not only focus on cost, but on quality and condition. In addition, students face theContinue reading “Better textbooks for your bucks”