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Hi, I’m Georgia!

I provide quality work that satisfies your needs, reflects your business, and brings your ideas to life.

Writing and Editing

From investigative journalism to feature writing, I have the experience and ability to write in different genres and about a wide range of subjects. I also have experience in writing scripts for videos, creating social media captions, and crafting email campaigns.
I know how to write and edit in MLA and APA and AP Style. I also know how to use HootSuite, Canva, MailChimp, and Weebly.

Take a look at my articles page to read some samples of my work.

Photography and Videography

With my photojournalism and multimedia journalism experience, I produce quality photo and video work.
As a photographer, I have experience with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. I own and use my Canon T3 camera, but I’m currently saving up for a higher quality camera, a light kit, and a boom microphone.
As a videographer, I have experience with Adobe Premier Pro. I have used Sony XDCAMs, boom microphones, and light kits.

Check out my photography page to view some of my past projects.

Content Management

As a content manager for ink., a media and design company, I schedule and coordinate social media and blog posts for ink.’s platforms. I also manage client newsletters, websites, and other content.

One of my most recent (and personal) projects – I am building a website (via Wix) for a karate school where I have been practicing Okinawan GōJū-Ryū since I was six.

Georgia is someone you can always count on. Period. Full stop. She is a professional to her core and always delivers on whatever assignment she has before her.

Mark Effron

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