The Writing Process

(for Beginners) Every writers’ process is different. Some writers like to listen to music while others prefer silence. Some writers are planners while others are plotters (actually working on a plot rather than just jotting notes) or pantsers (also known as “writing by the seat of your pants.”) And some writers have a special placeContinue reading “The Writing Process”

Pride Month and the Crises the LGBTQ+ Community Face in 2021

Published on Quade Media The month of June is dedicated to celebrating Pride and the LGBTQ+ community. Pride is a time of acceptance, love, and jubilation. But amidst the happiness, parades, and events, there is a crisis at hand. ABCs: “Anti-” Bills Crises Back in April, hundreds of anti-LGBTQ+ bills were filed in state legislaturesContinue reading “Pride Month and the Crises the LGBTQ+ Community Face in 2021”

Aba & Preach: From Hot Topics to Serious Talks—YouTube Channel Review

Published on Quade Media During the pandemic, I was stuck in the house with little to do, and I was desperate to find new ways to keep myself occupied, entertained, and informed. One day, a friend of mine introduced me to a few podcasts and a YouTube channel: Aba & Preach. Since 2012, Aba &Continue reading “Aba & Preach: From Hot Topics to Serious Talks—YouTube Channel Review”

Team RWB: The 1776 Challenge

Published on Quade Media On June 17, Team Red, White & Blue (RWB) will hold its third annual 1776 Challenge, an 18-day fitness event for veterans and supporters of all ability levels. This challenge is meant to showcase support for the men and women who have and are serving our country. Last year, a veteranContinue reading “Team RWB: The 1776 Challenge”