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YouTube Cooking Channels: Joshua Weissman, Binging with Babish, and More!–YouTube Channel Review

Binging with Babish via

Pride Month and the Crises the LGBTQ+ Community Face in 2021

Pride parade via Creative Commons

Aba & Preach: From Hot Topics to Serious Talks—YouTube Channel Review

Preach (left) and Aba (right) via Google Images

Team RWB: The 1776 Challenge

Team RWB 1776 challenge logo via Team RWB’s website

ESL Program: The American Experience

Between Rocky and a Hard Place*

Georgia I. Salvaryn | The Montclarion

*Award-winning article in the New Jersey Collegiate Press Association 2017-18 contest (
— First place for Web Project for Four-Year Colleges*

Exploring and Experiencing China

Beijing International Chinese College (BICC) summer camp students make their way up the steps of the Great Wall of China.
Georgia I. Salvaryn | The Montclarion

To Care or Not to Care: Asian American Montclair State Students Don’t Know Much about the Governor’s Race

Dhara Rana gives a presentation at a Korean Student Association (KSA) general body member meeting on Thursday.
Georgia I. Salvaryn | The Montclarion

Montclair State Professor Helps to Create Change

Wing Shan Ho, assistant professor of Chinese and the program coordinator of the Chinese program, sitting in her office.
Georgia I. Salvaryn | The Montclarion

Dreamers Dream On

Pastor Steigler of Redeemer Lutheran Church Retires

VINELAND, NJ 03/06/2017 ASSIGNMENT #03/PASTOR’S PORTRAIT: Pastor Gary N. Stiegler, 72, is an ordained pastor at the Lutheran Church of the Redeemer in Vineland, NJ. Pastor Stiegler is a former owner of a sales and marketing communications company that provides sales and marketing services to Fortune 500 companies. He is a graduate from the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia with a Master of Divinity Degree.
-photo by Georgia I. Salvaryn

The Practitioner’s Hat

Your voice, your vote counts in 2016

Cumberland County College’s Dynamic Duo

Benefits of Organic Foods

Having a fling in the spring

Rowan College at Cumberland County?

Mass Shootings in America*
*Award-winning article in the New Jersey Collegiate Press Association 2015-16 contest (
— tied Second place for Enterprise/Investigative Reporting for Two-Year Colleges*

What if Cumberland CC was free?

C4: College completion equals academic success

Better textbooks for your bucks

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